To begin with this is new to me and will be a process. I am hoping that at some point I will have a train of thought that will make this easier and free flowing for me. Rather than the ramblings on FB or Twitter if you care to read this you can if not than not a big fucking deal then. My goal is to use this as a journal for travel on my bike. Bike being motorcycle. I have become addicted to travelling light and fast. I love the secondary highway system in the US. Amazing roads, limited traffic (which gets out of your way), and beautiful country and people.  If that becomes a reality is a whole other issue. 

I completed two trips this summer. Both around the Pacific Northwest and I had an amazing time. Pushing my boundaries is something I need to do for sanity purposes and it seems that this works well. No prep for trips. 30 litre tank bag on a 700 cc Triumph. Flip Flops, passport, underwear, jeans, shorts and camera and ipod and I am good to go! 3800 kms on the first trip in June (Victoria, Pemberton, Kamloops, Kelowna, Osoyoss, Coure d’Alene, Missoula, Walla Walla, John Day, Bend, Lincoln City, Astoria, Port Angeles) Map is saved on my home page. I journaled the trip and looking back it was a little scary and lots of fun and accomplishment as well. I just followed good weather and what looked like twisty highways on google maps. More on this trip later….I think I will continue this though when I get my focus back….T

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