Long Route to Leavenworth

Yesterday was a little more about the destinations rather than the roads traveled. Picked some sights to see and take my time was the goal for the day. Weather was less than inspiring, with some heavy rain around the Coulee Dam. Full rain suit, heat and solid feel of bike makes riding easy but the extra care needed puts you in a “just get there” mode. Straight away highways across ranch and farm land doesn’t help either.

Highway 153 out of Twisp and 155 out of Coulee Dam offered both gentle twists and great scenery. Weather was breaking sunshine for both and I was grateful for both experiences. Made it to Leavenworth early in the afternoon after a solid seven hours of riding. Checked into the Fair Bridge Inn for some exploring of Leavenworth and clean the road grime off Tiger. Bratwurst for lunch and Bratwurst Pizza for dinner (when in little Bavaria).

Leavenworth is a very pretty town and beautiful scenery. It does have a very sterile feel of a tour bus stop for pictures. There are plenty of young hipster types working in the town that get you past the facade of gingerbread cut out architecture. Definitely a must for a visit and it is the gateway to Stevens Pass for today!

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