Yesterdays ride was smooth. From the stop at Victoria’s Mountain Equipment Coop, to pick up a dry bag, to the check in at Super 8 Motel in Bremerton.

I find it funny how worked up I can get in my own head about situations that never even arise. On the way out of Victoria to the ferry, I must have had four different conversations with customs officials. When I arrived at customs I was ushered through with a “don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out” look from the pleasant customs lady.

Anyway, the fog broke in Friday Harbor and the sun was shinning. The ride through Deception Pass and ferry to Port Townsend was stunning. I am glad I returned to the area and did it again with more time and less rain. Other than Friday afternoon traffic the road twisted through sea view vistas and forests and back through farm land. Highway into Bremerton is a freeway, however that was fine. Light was getting low and I was ready for some food and call it a day.

Off to Oregon in the rain today….

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