Leaving the Coast

Thank you everyone for reading and sending notes. I am very grateful and humbled by the interest in what seems like a vanity project to me. I would all so like to thank my new Dutch friends for mapping out my route yesterday. Love the Dutch!

My anxiety about freeway traffic in San Francisco was all for not. I was told in no uncertain terms by the motel manager to be on the road at 6 am. My plan was to cross the Golden Gate Bridge at sunrise and motor through the city ahead of rush hour traffic. I can say now that this went off without a hitch. I crossed the Golden Gate just before 7 am as the sun was coming up over the bay. What an unbelievable moment. I paid a six dollar toll for this privilege and took a hard right and continued back to highway 1.

The freeway system continues out of the city. 4 lanes, 3 lanes, 2 lanes then back to 1 lane highway near Miramar. Stopped at Miramar Bay to watch early morning surfers catch some waves. The California stereotype of going out surfing before work is somewhat valid I guess. Early morning sun and sea mist all the way to Santa Cruz. Stopped at a bakery in Santa Cruz for a muffin and coffee and take off my riding suit.

The next stage of the coast ride is what my Dutch friends were alluding to when they insisted I continue down the coast. I have notice that highways are more efficient but lack character the closer you are to big cities. This proved true as I approached Carmel and the highway became twisty and visually awe inspiring again. Just after Big Sur I had to stop and take some pictures and video. My problem was that I didn’t want to stop. The road twists and turns at a much more elevated and open pace.

Past the Hearst Castle and winding south to Morro Bay I turn off onto Highway 41. I was leaving to coast and heading east. I felt a little sad as I headed inland. The last few days on the Pacific Coast had been unbelievable and now I was looking at a new path and more of the unknown. Highway 58 east towards Bakersfield set my mind looking forward. Ranch lands, orchards and back to back S turns! I can say that I now have very little virgin rubber left on my tyres sidewalls. (British bike needs tyres not tires).

Off to Death Valley today and into Nevada….

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