A Week on the Road

I have been travelling for a week now. Five states and 2100 miles. With that information and a little reflection I decided to slow down and pace myself. I seem to be getting into a rhythm that has been gearing down.

My fear of large cities, freeways and interchanges evaporated yesterday. Long straight ride through the desert valley floor from Beatty to Las Vegas. Sun coming up over the mountains and 70 mile an hour posted speed signs. Full suit and heat needed in the morning until I stopped for coffee in a Vegas Starbucks at 9 am. Rode through Las Vegas and I can say that the city is a much different version than the one from my past. Riding in the morning with a much different set of eyes, I let the strip drift off into the distance to my left.

By 11:30 I was in Boulder City just north of Hoover Dam. I stopped to wash the weeks road grime off the Tiger. I don’t know why, but I always feel everything runs better when clean. Same goes for a full tank of gas and an oil change.

Hoover Dam is an incredible sight. The dam itself, Lake Mead behind, Colorado River and the bridge. It must be the child in me that is fascinated by large man made structures. Actually, large natural structures as well. By this time in the day I was down to a T-shirt and strolling with the throngs of other tourist. Helicopter tours buzzing overhead, police check points, tour guides…..

I was then in Arizona and off for a nice ride through a much different desert. I had noticed that the deserts of the north are much more hostile. The desert here has rounded boulders rather than rocks, big tall stereotypical  cacti rather than scrub and more green and red colors. Long day of riding and my back was getting a little stiff. Checked into the Motel 8 in Wickenburg and had a long shower.

Few things of note:
music playlists sound better at 7 am
can prepay for gas inside station and be within 10 cents of full tank
72 miles an hour, 4500 rmp is 250 miles to a tank and best fuel consumption

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