Veterans Day

I am in the United States of America, so I have paused to reflect on Veterans Day. I am travelling freely in a country that is very proud and grateful of their military. This has been evident every where I have been so far in this country. Respect is displayed on road side signs, store fronts, license plates and in conversation.

I was fortunate enough to meet and chat with a very young Iraq veteran over coffee in New Mexico. He approached me in the coffee shop to talk about bikes. Mid 20s’, slight and shy but very enthusiastic about Triumph. We talked about his ride up Pikes Peak on a Honda VFR. He walked with a slight limp, but we didn’t broach that topic. As I left on the road towards White Sands Missile Range I had some regret that I had not thanked him for his military service. I say this not as a political comment but as a reminder that I am travelling freely because of people like him.

My travels yesterday began with a T-Shirt, no heated vest and ended on the beach on South Padre Island. I criss crossed south east Texas farmland in 20 mile increments. It was a nice change from the 100 mile stretches from the last week. A new town every little while, palm trees lining the highways and I put new headphones in my helmet. Feeling pretty good and very grateful!

I found a good clean motel in Brownsville for 29 dollars a night. Brownsville is a fifteen minute ride to South Padre and I thought it was a steal for 29 dollars. After checking into the motel for a two night stay, I bolted out to the beach. I then discovered the same type of motel on the beach for $22.50! Cheap,cheap,cheap! Might have to get a few books and relax for a few days….

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