Yeah I Did…

I am going to regret writing this for public consumption. My first afternoon here on the Gulf Coast I checked into the motel and dropped off my hard cases. Took off my jacket and headed off to meander around Brownsville and South Padre with just my sunglasses on my head. Yeah no helmet and wind in the hair. Maybe it was a cliche Top Gun fist pump moment because I was overcome by warm weather and sun. I spent the afternoon riding around checking out the area in the sunshine. It was not until later that night that I noticed that one of my contact lens did not survive my daredevil ways. This is another reason for helmets. The wind and wind noise was a nuisance! I was all so without my ever present music soundtrack because the speakers are in the helmet. I have learned and I am wiser for it now.

Yesterday was Veterans Day and the city was very quite. I had decided to head out to Boca Chica State Park. With my helmet and vest on I left for a half an hour ride through a wildlife refuge to a massive unspoiled beach. Fifteen minutes into the trip I was passing through the salt marsh flats. I notice that I was approaching an eight or ten foot boat mooring rope that was stretched across the opposite lane. It looked thick and was partially in my lane. I eased towards the shoulder side of my lane. As I approached the rope it moved! It was a huge snake! The snake doubled back and had headed to where it came from. I shuddered as I rode by and the hairs on the back of neck are standing up as I write. I have never seen such a large snake that was not part of a stage show. I sped up and got to the beach where there is no place for wildlife to hide.

Picked up a novel about the Texas Rangers of the old west wagon trail and a little food at Walmart. I have booked a room on South Padre Island for another two days. From this comfortable base camp I will planned my next couple days of travel…

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