Yesterday and today bring the first unsettled weather I have seen since Oregon two weeks ago. Watch enough Weather Channel, read Weather Underground and phrases like “unsettled weather patterns” creep into your own vocabulary. It is still warm, but winds have picked up and the threat of thunderstorms is ever present.

Spent most of my down time yesterday inside reading and watching movies. Not much else to do in a beach town when the weather turns. I have been moving pretty quickly up till now and I felt that a couple days rest was a good idea.

Today I am going to head up the coast to Corpus Christi and then head inland to San Antonio. Alamo Triumph Dealer in San Antonio for a Monday oil change. Close to 5000 miles in the last two weeks and I have been riding daily. I always feel more secure after an oil change and tune up. Another day and another adventure. San Antonio looks daunting on paper, but again nothing ever turns out exactly as you plan.

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