Falls Into Place

I arrived at Alamo Triumph just after nine. Given that it was Monday morning and the sales floor opened at ten and the service shop at eight, I thought I would split the difference. I was welcomed warmly by the guys in the store and we chatted over coffee while my bike was put on the lift immediately! Wireless network, coffee and great service. Within two hours the Tiger was down and Chris from the service shop took it for a test ride. All ready for another 6000 miles!

With that task under my belt I made my way back towards San Antonio and looped back along the freeways towards the highway that would lead me up towards Austin. I stopped at a Starbucks for another coffee and raspberry muffin and waited a few minutes for a friend. I managed to find a Triumph shop in the city where a good friend lived and I had not seen him in years. We had a great visit and got caught up with four years worth of events that life brings. The sun came out and it was warm. This was day was really falling into place!

After a great visit I hit the road again and headed into the hills north of San Antonio before veering east to Austin. The freeway quickly became a two lane highway and before I knew it I was linking S turns. Trees, rivers and rolling hills framed what was become an unbelievable afternoon ride.

Highway 281 rolls into Blanco, Texas about 30 miles outside of San Antonio. This little town is exactly what I would expect in Texas. One stop light, pickup trucks, gas station, a flowing river banked by town parks and a good old fashioned Bar-BQ joint. I stopped to top up my gas and reread a sign that I had noticed often, but never really read: “NOTICE the unlicensed possession of a weapon on these premises is a felony with a maximum penalty of 10 years imprisonment and a fine not to exceed $10,000.”. The key word I had failed to register was unlicensed. Licensed would not be a problem?

With a half a pound of outstanding brisket and unsweetened iced tea in my belly I was off. Turning right and easing through town onto Ranch Road 165 (the scenic route) that links up with Highway 290. These are the roads I had been missing during my last week of lowland farms near the coast. Twists, rolling hills and empty road. Not once did I have to back off the throttle. Sun was shining and this day could not have turned out any better.

I passed through Austin after 3 and made my way towards Bastrop as the clouds thickened and the wind picked up. Checked into a motel at 4:30 and gratefully thought what a great day that was….

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