Lack of Planning

Savannah during the day was just as busy and beautiful as it was at night. I had a slower start to the morning and check out of the motel. Packed up and rode a few blocks to the City Market Square. It was Sunday morning and restaurants, shops, tour buses and horse drawn carriages were all getting ready for another day. Dry toast, greasy bacon and a scrambled egg at a pizza joint for breakfast. I followed some locals into the place and figured that would be a good indication. What I did not look at was the breakfast pizza they all were eating.

The waterfront cobblestone River Street is a walk back in time. The street and buildings now house bars and restaurants but rail tracks and old brick buildings tell a different story. Above the waterfront the city is filled with old stately buildings and parks. Lots and lots of parks. The parks make this city. They are literally every second block and exists as huge natural roundabouts for traffic.  Locals sit on the benches and chat. Lichen covered trees overhang the statues and monuments. Erie and comfortable at the same time.

Highway 17 South is the Liberty Bell Trail and zig zags around Interstate 95 down the Georgia Coast. Small towns and a straight road. Sunday morning traffic after a long weekend was light and the sun was shinning. Nice easy ride which is exactly what I was looking for and enjoyed.

I had only planned to ride a couple hours south on Highway 17. My planning for any ride is usually dictated by how long I want to ride and a motel. I map it out the night before or that morning. That is the extent of my planning or lack of planning. Sometimes it works and other times I find myself rolling right through the town I had planned to stop in because the motel is not there. Yesterday was a case in point. Here on the coast it is not such a big deal. Every twenty miles a new town pops up and hopefully that works out. The middle of the desert in Texas or Arizona was a little more sketchy. I had planned to stop in Darien and ended up twenty miles south in Brunswick. My problem here was I had no idea that Brunswick was next or where the road went after Brunswick. I did not look at the map any further than Darien. I will learn…

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