Beaches Beaches Everywhere

Early start yesterday morning. I stuck with Highway 17 South through Georgia. Monday morning and tractor trailers hauling pine trees. The weather reports called for rain and I choose to play it safe and put my suit on. The rain did not materialize and the sun started to come out once I left Highway 17. My last hour in Georgia was capped with ‘Georgia on My Mind’ playing as I crossed into Florida. My music playlists have a very funny way of perfectly matching my roads. Two days earlier Peter Frampton was playing as I passed the Frampton Plantation. Little things amuse me.

As I got closer to the Florida Coast the smell and tree line began to change. The scenic A1A down the Florida beach front begins almost immediately as you cross the state line. Salty humid air and palm trees! It felt like the California Coast but more intimate. Not quite as wide open. Beaches start at Amelia City at the northern most point of Florida and as far I can tell they will end somewhere in the Keys. My ignorance is somewhat deliberate. As I have mentioned before I try not to research too much about my next destination. If I have no expectations I will never be disappointed?

Small beach front towns are separated from the mainland by a large intercoastal waterway. The waterway is full of activity. Boat houses, yachts and commercial traffic. For the most part development is low level along the beach. Large parks and a lot of public access. Most of the larger building is on the other side of the waterway which is closer to the interstate highway. A1A is straight and two lane but the views are stunning. As I passed the TPC Sawgrass Golf Course and left Ponte Vedra I felt very comfortable. Traffic was light and I could enjoy the sun and scenic highway view.

Stopped for coffee and a bite to eat at a beach front cafe. What I did not realize was that I had just passed my motel about five miles back. Free wireless is a godsend. I am going to stay in Palm Coast for another day before making the short trip to Daytona. I have a feeling I might be making a slow descent towards the Keys…

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