Conch Republic

Fourth day in the Conch Republic. I have met quite a few locals now and they love to explain how they seceded from the United States of America. History of The Conch Republic It was very funny yesterday as members of the Conch Republic listened to a story from a Torontonian. He was talking in his native Newfoundland accent. This was all very amusing to me, as I am sure that everyone in earshot figured that there is no way these two guys are from the same country.

I moved motels and ended up with a huge suite a little further up the road from my last place of residence. Place is enormous and far less expensive. I feel a little out of sort with so much space. Four rooms, two televisions and a funky 80s pastel decor. Most rooms I have stayed in over the last 7 weeks have been enough room to squeeze my hard cases under the bed. Booked another four nights here and depending on how each day goes, I might stick around through Christmas.

Weather turned yesterday and it blew and rained. Did some reading and added up some mileage. 7070 miles (11,378 kms) from Victoria to Key West! It was not the most direct route, but it sure has been fun. As with any trip I have had some ups and downs. When I can let go of my fear of the unknown. I am always amazed at how wonderfully things present themselves. The key for me is flipping that switch in my head and accepting that lack of control! When I explain to people I meet how I arrived, they are amazed. I have seen some great country and outstanding roads thus far. People I have met have all been very real and very sincere. Truly an eye opening ride and I am grateful for this opportunity.

Hooked up with some local bikers and we are going for a ride up the Keys on Sunday morning. Meeting my fellow Canadian for another ride to get some lunch today and I am also due for another haircut…..

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