Time to Start Writing?

Well, it has been exactly three months since I have sat down and actually written something! I have been living here in Key West and I am now into my fourth month. Key West! Where do I start? A spiritual recharge? Incredible people? Eight square miles of a blessing? Definitely a place for healing your Body, Mind and Soul.

I arrived in Key West early in December and I did not have any expectations on my arrival. My initial thoughts were to stay for a week or maybe through Christmas. Three weeks had past and my group of friends here was growing. I was starting to feel very, very comfortable and getting involved with some amazing people. Before you knew it I had left my motel room and began renting a room with some friends on nearby Stock Island (Key West and Stock Island are 100 feet apart). I have posted enough photos and videos to give you an idea of the physical beauty that is the island and the Keys. The thing that really makes you stay though, is the amount of crazy and lovable people. I am extremely grateful for their friendship.

I am not really sure why, but for some reason I knew when I left Victoria that I needed to come to Key West. I had always wanted to visit here. For many years it has been something that I have talked about and even looked at for holidays. I have been truly blessed to be given this opportunity and ride across North America and land in this amazing place and be taken in by some very caring people. As with most people here in Key West, you come for a few days and it turns into years. Immigration and other priorities will have me leaving in the next few weeks, but I am not saying goodbye. Key West will hold a special place in my heart and I will be coming back. For now I will enjoy the sun, the surf and the friends!

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