Spring has Sprung!

Wednesday Lunch Run

I spent last Sunday afternoon with Tigger. The battery was separated from the trickle charger and installed back under the saddle. Wiped down, hoses and cables checked. No critters hidden anywhere and air pressure in tyres was perfect. I hit the ignition button and the triple fired up without even a hint of stubbornness.

The sun was shining this week and temperatures peaked at 19 degrees. Spring has arrived early. I have been told that this was an unusual winter in no uncertain terms. Which has been fine and I do accept that this is not normal. I will take it though because I really have missed being in the saddle.

I have printed out my wish list of accessories for the bike and the cost is less than my tax refund. I have mapped out a three week trip towards the end of April.

View May 2012 Road Trip in a larger map

New items for Tigger: Sliding Rack for Top Box, Top Box, Top Box Backrest, Touring Windscreen, Pirelli Angel ST EMS Tyres, Brake Pads and Garmin Zumo 220 GPS.

Great lunchtime ride with Frank on Wednesday. Amazing how the warm wind in your face can change your mood instantly. Huge goofy grin on my face when I got back to the office. Gratitude! More to come….

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