The last month has been a very welcome change. A very warm and early spring here in Toronto. I immediately had the Tiger on the road and have been shopping and booking service appointments. I have everything ordered and new GPS on kitchen table. Now it is hurry up and wait. Never my strong suit. I have always had a problem with willing people, places and things my way. I have now witnessed how much more wonderful it is to have everything unfold in its own time. I am beginning to learn patience and I still have to practice on a daily basis.

The order for all my new parts and accessories was 10 days ago. I booked the service appointment for April 5th. I booked 3 weeks of holidays for April 21st. Now it is time to enjoy the process and everyone around me. I can spend far too much time in my own head ( I do enough of that in my helmet ) planning and postulating. Instead I should be reaching out to others. Helping those I care about and those who need a hand. I have been very blessed and could not have even imagined how I arrived at my current station. If I keep this in the forefront of my thoughts then I am always prepared to tackle the next thing in front of me.

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