Two Weeks

Many new first are coming. Lots of exciting changes. I am very grateful for all the wonderful changes and experience that I have been given. I am also very excited for the trip which I shall embark on in two weeks. It is funny to me how distant coming events seem when you are two months or six weeks from them. I have a sneaking suspicion that as we get older that time moves more quickly.

I managed to drop off Tiger and pick up Tiger, at GP Bikes, during this short work week. Much to my counterintuitive mindset everything went off without a hitch. All my parts came in on time. All of the install and travel did not blow up and leave me stranded anywhere. I had even managed to pay for everything in advance, which included labour. I was astonished and happy to find out that I did not owe a penny (even though we have decided to abolish the penny) and walked out of shop without buying anything else. I love to worry in a wasteful sense. I know better and I continue to do the next right thing in front of me, yet I often like to find solace in fear. Not all the time but I do like to wander back into that comfortable uncomfortableness.
New tyres got a little scrubbing in on the ride home last night. New GPS mount and connection to power was perfectly positioned on the triple tree. Peeled the plastic off new wind screen. Sliding top box and back rest will add ample space and comfort for summer road trips when I put a ‘little gravel in my travel’. Most importantly the new brake pads and entire feel of the Tiger felt tight again. Side to side in the lane  on freeway and parkway was really comfortable. Staying in traffic and accelerating out of tractor trailer blind spots was easy. The grin was back and I can wait to put some miles on later this month.

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