Rain Rain and More Rain

When I rode to Toronto last April it snowed from West Virginia to Niagara Falls. It was cold and wet. I literally just rode hour to hour. This return trip has been not cold but definitely wet! The rain started in Buffalo and has just let up in Ashland, Virginia. Two storms. One from the West and the other from the Gulf of Mexico. The Northeast is expecting a foot of snow today. April?
I had planned a route towards the coast through Pennsylvania. I made it to central Pennsylvania. After breakfast I made my first executive decision (easy to do when its just me) ‘Get the hell out of Dodge’. Riding South of the expected snow to the Northeast and ahead of the rain to the Southwest was my goal. Well, I got 5 hours on the road before I had to call it a day. Visibility was limited to two cars ahead of me. I started to see overturned cars in the ditch along the interstate and thought it was probably wise for me to find a motel.
Ashland, VA
New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, DC and now Virginia. I had wanted to take my time and many pictures. Unfortunately, this was just not going to happen. The countryside is beautiful, the towns and villages are old and cut into hills and valleys. Smell of fresh cut grass with lush vibrant green surrounding you everywhere. I really wanted to stop and document the ride, but it was just rain, rain and more rain. Even stopping to fill my tank seemed like a chore.
Accept the weather for what it is and move on. That is my plan and has always irked me a little as I sometimes want to force my will against mother nature. Another time to explore this area. I will be back. Who knows it might even be in a few weeks.

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