Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, West Virginia and Kentucky

This was one of the most amazing days of riding that I have had over the last four years. I waited out the previous afternoon of rain and holed up in a motel room in Clayton, GA. The next day the skies parted and I was truly blessed with an amazing day of sun and warm heavy summer air. Fresh cut grass, birds and every shade of green I could have imagined.

The Smoky Mountains of North Carolina and Tennessee never disappoint. I rode through this area last year on my way down to Key West. It was in November the last time I came through this way. This was a whole new experience. Summer jacket, sunglasses and riders everywhere. I have yet to find a road in this area that doesn’t stop the heart at some point. Hairpins, switchbacks, uphill, downhill and drivers that pull out for you. It really is a motorcycle playground!

The top picture is me on the ‘Tail of the Dragon’ which is the infamous part of US Highway  129. 318 turns in an 11 mile stretch of road that begins in North Carolina and ends in Tennessee or vice versa depending on where you start. I had another three pass on the Tail over the span of an hour and half. Tiger handles perfect with the stiffer set up. I made the adjustment back in Toronto with the added luggage and I was very happy with the feedback.

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