Sunday Morning Loop

I read an article in the newspaper last week about riding the perimeter of Toronto at night. Gardiner, 427, 401 and Don Valley Parkway back to the Gardiner. I like to stay off the roads at night given my “nothing good ever happens after 10 pm” lifestyle. This got me thinking early this morning as I went for my 6 am jog around Trinity Bellwoods Park. It was the perfect morning for a run. Light breeze, 20 degrees and crisp air. Me thinks this would also be a great morning for the “Loop”.

What an amazing Sunday morning ride! No traffic to speak of and the cityscape is spectacular when you are not dodging trucks, cars and their owners. I like finishing up with the Don Valley because it provides you with a stunning view of the green leading into the great skyline of Toronto and lakefront. This was a perfect start to a beautiful Sunday…
Session: Sunday Morning Loop
Time: 39:55.11
Distance: 65.63 km
Max Speed: 156.9 km/h 
Average speed: 103.1 km/h 
Max Lean Angle: 22.7°
Motorcycle: TRIUMPH – Tiger; ABS; SE

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