Heavy Heart

I always leave Key West with a heavy heart. This was compounded by the addition of my travel partner who was very sad. New friends for her and old friends for me. New experiences for both of us and a place that is a beacon of warmth and peace.  We will both be back sooner than later. Thank you everyone for your generosity and love. We are both so very grateful! Peace.

Sunrise at Higgs Beach

We made steady progress yesterday as we wheeled off the Overseas Highway and onto terra firma. Unless you have a lot of time, Florida is going to be interstate travel and this means getting through the insane traffic of Miami and Fort Lauderdale. We managed to bust our way up the coast as far as our bodies could accept which landed us in a brand new Holiday Inn Express in Palm Bay. Not quite as far as we hoped but some good distance.

Today we will continue up the I-95 to Jacksonville and then make our way inland in Georgia. Get off the beaten track and “put a little gravel in our travel”.

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