Great Start

Today was a perfect summer day of riding through Southern Ontario and across Michigan farmland. Missing my pillion partner though. Caught myself a few times during the stretches of rolling green farms,  reaching back for the knee that has been perched behind me. Leaving Toronto on my own early this morning was difficult as I thought about the many miles and experiences that will be ahead.

Port Huron, MI under the Blue Water Bridge

I did fall back into my own rhythm somewhere around Flint, Michigan. Getting across the border and having the mental gymnastics slowly drop away as the miles ease up on you. This is a process I relish and I somehow forget about. I don’t think that I am wound up until I get back into this sense of basic needs. The feeling of being present and focused on what is immediately in front of you. No real plan other than food, shelter and gas. Only agenda today was to move West.

Tiger is running really well and weather was perfect. Little overcast and 25 degrees most of the day. Replaced steering head bearings a couple weeks ago and I can feel a real responsive difference in cornering.

Looking forward to tomorrow. During my travels over the last few years I have not visited any of the States that I am covering in the next few days. Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota are all in front of me….

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