Half of Minnesota and all of South Dakota

Yesterday was a long ride. 560 miles (901 kilometers) across more that half of Minnesota and all of South Dakota. If you need to get right sized this is one way of getting perspective. I turned onto Interstate 90 in Albert Lea, Minnesota and looked down at my GPS. 514 Miles then turn right is what was written at the top of my screen. That is the first time ever that I have stayed on a single highway for that long. I rode through California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and all of Texas without a GPS and definitely without putting a straight line through them.

The country is absolutely stunning. Huge and vast. Green and rolling. Never ending it seemed at times and yet extremely gratifying. Bike after bike going in either direction. Mostly Harley riders with out jackets or helmets. Cruising speeds was well over 80 miles an hour and that is just keeping with the flow of traffic. 
Caught a little rain in Minnesota and then it brightened up to clear and 90 degrees for the rest of the day. I was very happy to come up on the South Dakota Badlands towards the end and have a significant change of scenery and a few tighter turns. Very grateful for another fantastic day and off for a completely different experience today….

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