People, Places and Things

One of the greatest gifts that riding has given me is to interact differently with the world around me. It was suggested to me a more than a few years ago now to accept people, places and things just as they are and that these interactions are placed in my path for a reason that might not be obvious to me right this moment. By traveling around the way that I do I am forced to stay present and focused on the immediacy of what is in front of me and practice that acceptance.

Visiting family and friends over the last two weeks has been very compact but meaningful. Both Laura and I knew that we had to sacrifice some visits and both do the best we could. The time I have spent has been wonderful. New relationships, new places and connecting with friends, family and especially little ones. I am so happy to visit with the kids that have been following my adventures. It has been a very special bonus to this ride.

My Nephew wearing his Triumph shirt on Tigger

I left everyone in British Columbia and started the trek on the Trans-Canada Highway. I began this part of the trip at Mile 0 in Victoria with stops in Vancouver, Calgary and now here from Swift Current. The road is very Canadian and really is my first time riding (not caged) along the legendary connector of Coast to Coast. By very Canadian I mean opposite of our cousins United States Interstate system. Traffic lights, speed zones, passing lanes and 3-5 kilometers over the speed limit is how this rides. Tractor trailers all move at exactly the speed limit. No more no less. Everyone else is eases by in the left hand lane then moves to right lane. Very calm and peacefully.

The scenery is breathtaking. Through the Pacific Coast, Kootaney and Rocky Mountains. Down into the Alberta and Saskatchewan badlands and pairies. National and provincial parks are continuous and beautiful. The rugged peaks of Yoho and Banff make it hard to keep your eyes forward. It was chilly as I made my way through the mountain passes and added a layer plus plugged in vest and turned on grips.
The speed of traffic and lack of signs for gas, motels and food make the Canadian Prairies feel less vast and more comforting for some reason. My country playlists are very audible at 115 kilometers an hour rather than 90 miles. I guess this is why it is home….
Tigger at Mile 0. 50,000 kilometers and 3 years later.

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