Woke up in a motel outside Winnipeg

Train whistles and highway traffic in a little motel outside of Winnipeg. Sunrise over the prairies and coffee from the Petro-Can across the road. I am very grateful at this moment.

Sunrise at Benton Corners, MB

Yesterdays ride was straight with many turns. Flat but always going up or down a hill. Those are the contradictions that when riding through the Canadian Prairies stick with me. Unlike the coast which is obvious and flamboyant in its beauty you have to concentrate and be mindful of what is presented to you in the prairies. The colour of the canola fields. The difference between ranch land and farm land. The thousands of shades of green. The multitude of birds that fly past or land beside you on the road. I watched a hawk perched on a sign post hunt as a mouse ran across the highway. Two or sometimes more train engines will haul hundreds of red and white railcars beside you for miles.

Far from boring…..
Trans-Canada outside of Swift Current

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