Big Ontario

I crossed over into Ontario yesterday morning at 8:30. I will continue to ride for the next two days before getting home to Toronto. That is a long way and I am not even through the province when I do get home!

I usually ride in the quiet for the first few hours in the morning. This gives me some time to enjoy the best part of the day and reflect on what is behind and what is ahead. As I got into Northern Ontario and left Manitoba I was absolutely amazed by the road in front of me. Perfect road, fantastic smells and postcard scenery. This is the stuff that should be everyones childhood memories of summer.

The only thing missing from this day was my pillion partner. Weather was perfect sunny and warm. Tee and summer vented jacket. You could smell a combination of warm pine trees and grass mixed with cool fresh water. Thousands and thousands of lakes. Greens of every shade and a single lane highway that twists and turns for 600 kilometres.

Highway 17 is how the Trans-Canada makes it way through lake country. The tarmac is perfect and passing lanes are plentiful. The speed limit drops to 90 kilometres and hour and everyone cruises comfortably at just over 100.

Some things that I noted as my thoughts collected inside my helmet:

Ontario borders 4 of the Great Lakes, 6 States and 2 Provinces
2000 kilometres from Manitoba to Toronto
Ontario is the same size as Texas and Montana combined (ok I looked that up later)

Off to ride along the lake for day two….

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