December and the battery tender…

We rode right until the end of November. December came and the first dusting of snow. Reluctantly I have washed, greased, fogged, fuel stabilized and pulled the battery. Tigger is under wraps and up on matts. Battery is on a tender and we are planning. Planning our trips for the early spring. Thailand in March. Loop through Northern Thailand and then off to Cambodia and some beach time.

Each season comes and goes a little faster each year, yet I feel more at ease and accept the change more gracefully. Planning broad strokes for the future months yet staying present in day and enjoying the changes that are presented. Grateful for the time we have had and the gift of the present.

The past five years have have been remarkable. I cannot explain the amount of change that has occurred for me. I remember an ‘old timer’ telling me that ‘the only thing I have to change is everything’. At the time I had no context or understanding of the significance of that pearl. It has proven time and time again to be so very true. Change is everywhere I look. From where I have come to where I have landed is a map that I really had no part in other than the moments that are place in front of me. Those immediate gifts of opportunity. Not always pleasant but always an opportunity.

I am looking forward as Laura and I begin to write again in the New Year. We will continue to wander, learn and expand the people, places and things we encounter. Life continues to get bigger and broader. Never too far ahead or lagging behind but trudging along the path which is laid before us. Always moving forward and learning more each time. I am truly grateful.

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