Losing a Day

Dolphin Bay Beach, Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park, Thailand

We left Toronto at 1:30 am Saturday morning and arrived in Bangkok, Sunday at 11:30 am. Funny thing is that we were only in the air for 18 hours? Time travel has always intrigued me. I started riffing on flying backwards around the world really fast as we had our coffee this morning.

It was a really effortless and serene passage to Asia. No worries as we boarded the plane. Short layover in HKG. Laura has priority lounge passes which proved to be a godsend after the first 15 hour leg. Showers and espresso was an overly indulgent way to spend the two hours before we landed in BKK. Landing in Thailand and walking through customs and immigration took less than 15 minutes. New carry on luggage helps that process. Driver waiting for us at the terminal to make the two and half hour trip south to Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park and our four days of beach before we make our way north to Chiang Mai and get in a saddle and do some riding.

I must admit that most of the reason that everything has been so easy is that Laura has been planning this trip since July. Slowly researching and booking all the details of our spiritual South East Asia exploration. Few more days on the beach to get some colour and play in the surf and sand. Then off to meet Miles and Bpuk at Thailand Motorcycle Tours. Northern Thailand, Myanmar, Laos and later Cambodia on our own.

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