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Chiang Mai Gate Hotel Parking

It is not because we are lazy or lacking in content. We have just not had the time to write with a keyboard. I have been penning in my journal every morning, but have not had the chance to regurgitate for the blog.

This is the first time that we have been riding on another continent and with a group. I would have loved to write and post something each day, but spotty wireless and set meals and itinerary make that a little cumbersome. No complaints though! We have been riding and eating our way through Northern Thailand and it has been wonderful.

Miles and his wife Bpuk did a fantastic job of herding cats for the last 10 days. We had the pleasure of riding alongside a group of seasoned Australians. The ‘Shadow Racing Team’ from Southern Australia graciously allowed the two fellow Commonwealth travellers into their elite squad (tongue firmly planted in cheek). Our travels include not just amazing roads and spectacular scenery, but great road companions. Always up for a laugh and never a straight answer from the lot. Hairpins and sweepers through the Golden Triangle. Cultural stops along the way broke up intense riding and kept us well fed.

The Shadow Racing Team (SRT)

We will work over the next few days to fill in the blanks as we toured with this rag tag group. It has been a fantastic two weeks and we are now enjoying some time in Cambodia before we head back to Bangkok.

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