Tear Down

So I completed my tear down and discovery for the heat grip wiring harness. I installed a new throttle grip last summer after the trip across the US and back through Canada. The culprit at that time was a kink and short just before the birds nest coming off of the throttle grip. Ever since I have had a constant low heat on both grips. It was getting cooler and fall approached so I left it until spring. 
I just replace the battery with an Antigravity Lithium Ion 12/360 and decided that I had better find the slow drain on the battery. I had a feeling that it might be in the harness between the Hi/Lo Switch and birds nest. Close inspection of the entire length of the harness and I found a couple kinks with my fingers. Stripped it down and low and behold I think we have found the problem. I will order new harness tomorrow and replace.

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