Upstate New York

Beautiful day on the road. We left Toronto at 8 am and stopped by GP Bikes so that Laura could get acquainted with the new Tiger. Funny story. I thought the brakes felt a little soft when I did the trip with Andrew down to Akron two weeks ago. That prompted me to book an appointment for Tuesday after work to have the front and rear pads replaced. While I was waiting for the brakes to get work on I wandered into the Triumph section of the showroom and hoisted my leg over this new Tiger. Well the end result is that we will have a new bike next week and our friend Andrew will be taking possession of Tiger Senior. I have been noodling this purchase around in my head for quite some time now and the package with accessories was exactly what we had in mind. 

Laura had not sat on the new Tiger since February at the Toronto International Motorcycle Show. This is why we decided to make a quick detour on our way out of Toronto. We will be picking it up next week after we return from this current trip. This will be our last trip on Tiger Senior (Still trying to figure out how to name the machines properly). 

What a perfect first day to our trip. Weather is fantastic and the ride along Lake Ontario and across the St Lawrence was stunning. As we headed up into the Adirondacks the smell of flowers, trees and cool water began to fill the air. This is why we ride…

Bridge over 1000 Islands, Ontario

Philadelphia, NY

Entrance to Adirondacks

Beginning of the 2 hour ascent into Adirondacks

Saranac Lake, NY

Saranac Lake, NY

Tomorrow we will make our way into Vermont and then up to Quebec City.

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