Six years ago I heard someone say ‘That the only thing I had to change was everything’. I was not really sure what that would mean to me and was a little off put by the declaration at the time. With time and perspective it has come to form a much clearer picture of my evolution. Every year that passes has formed a shape of its own that most of the time I just hold onto and ride. I am never really sure where or how it is going to start or end. Allowing myself to be an active passenger and accept the constant change is the best that I can do.

Thailand, Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia in March. New York, Vermont and Quebec in June. New bike in July. We spent the remainder of the summer and fall setting up the Tiger Explorer and finding new rides in Southern Ontario. Hockley Valley and Highlands provided fantastic local rides.

This was a year of pushing beyond our borders. A wonderful journey with new friends in South East Asia. Wandering with our Australian contingent through Northern Thailand was a highlight and a much needed break from the hard winter that Toronto provided. Thankfully this winter has been mild and active so far.

2015 will see us in Europe, Maritimes and Southern United States. Today we will spend as much time being mindful of what we have in front of us at this moment and set some objectives for the horizon!

Peace. Tony and Laura

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