Backroads of Ohio

Yesterday was a fantastic morning with nothing but twisties. Not one interstate until late afternoon. Hilltop runs that are covered in lush green canopies, down into valleys cut up by streams and rivers. Through villages in the Wayne National Forest and kicked out on the Ohio River before crossing over into Kentucky.

Highway 78 Ohio

As we entered Kentucky from Portsmouth we saw our first open carry on a motorbike. Young kid in tank top and jeans. No lid and gun tucked in the back of his jeans.  

Mother nature also started to smile upon us. Little overcast in the morning turned to bright sunshine and near 30 degrees. Pulled out the cut and rolled up the sleeves as we steamed through Kentucky on our way to Bowling Green. 

I miscalculated our arrival in Bowling Green. Somehow I forgot the time change. Ten minutes north of our intended overnight destination it turns into Central Timezone. I had been working off our arrival time and not the extra 77 miles we needed to travel. Needless to say we stopped in a fleabag motel just south of Elizabethtown. Building a resentment and too tired to carry on further.

Highway US 11 Kentucky

Made it to Bowling Green for a coffee this morning as we made our way to Nashville to pick up Laura. Somehow I managed to foul up this timing as well. Her flight arrived at 9:45 and we arrived at 10:45. Good thing we are on a riding vacation….

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