Canada Day Ride – Tail of The Dragon

Five years ago I headed by myself from Victoria to Key West. I met a biker on the ferry from Galveston to Bolivar who mentioned that I had to go to Tennessee/North Carolina and do the Tail of The Dragon. I had spoken earlier that summer to another biker on Oregon’s Snake River Highway who said those exact same words to me.  So that year I spent my first afternoon riding up and down this 11 mile stretch of road that has 318 corners. On Canada Day this year I got to do this for the third time with Laura riding pillion and Andrew on his bike. Not only did I get to share it this time we also captured it in full with our new GoPro. 35-40 miles an hour does not sound like much until you experience this road. Just ask the Harley rider at about 8 minutes into this video who went over the shoulder. No filter, no enhancements just tank mounted camera. All fun!

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