Farewell 2015, Hello 2016!

A happy Tony post ‘Tail of the Dragon’ 

Monte Carlo Grand Prix Track

It is hard to believe that 2015 is now behind us. It was a fantastic year full of travel (of the international and domestic variety), challenges and success at work and catching up with old friends and family.

Eight months ago we were riding along the Monte Carlo Grand Prix track, soaking up the sun in Cannes and Ville Franche-sur-Mer, walking the beautiful streets in Paris and riding bicycles in Amsterdam. Six months have passed since we were winding through the Smoky Mountains on the ‘Tail of the Dragon’, heading from Nashville to Atlanta. My vacation allotment didn’t allow me to join Tony and Andrew further on to the Florida Keys but I am grateful for the time that I did have travelling with them.

Eiffel Tower Selfie

We finished up the year with a trip out west for Christmas. No two wheel travel for this trip, thanks to Canadian winters, but it was an enjoyable trip with experiences old and new. I had some much needed time with friends and family, remembering who I am and where I’m from.

It is a hard feeling to explain but sometimes working and living in Toronto in the financial services industry makes one forget their roots. The drive for success, surrounded by bright and ambitious colleagues makes one forget how far they’ve come and how fortunate they are to be where they are at this moment in life. Time with people who love you and have known you for twenty years or your entire life allows you to relax and just be.

Garibaldi Park, Elfin Lakes Trail

The last days of the year were spent in Whistler with Kirsten and Sietse. At the suggestion of Kirsten, I agreed to an overnight 23 kilometre (round trip) alpine snow-shoe trek. Three kilometres into the journey we began a five kilometre vertical climb that had me doubting my decision and deciding that my resolution for 2016 was to get myself back into reasonable shape. The sunset at the end, the view of the galaxy without light pollution, the sunrise the next day and the priceless time spent with family made me very thankful that I had taken this opportunity when it was presented.

Amsterdam Canal

2016 travel plans are already in the works. A fast and fabulous five day trip to Dubai for me with an immediate turn around at the airport to meet Tony for an equally fast trip to San Miguel de Allende to visit parents at Casa Kelly. May will see us on two week motorcycle trip through Spain, followed by a Canada Day long weekend trip to check out Pittsburgh and catch a Chesney concert. A milestone birthday celebration for myself with my Mom will come in the fall, where and what exactly is still to be determined. Not to be one who allows grass to grow beneath my feet, I am already looking to plan for us to explore a new continent in 2017 – Australia!

In the meantime, we hope you follow along as we wander this great earth meeting new friends, taking photos and writing about our experiences.

“Salute” to a new year, to sunshine, sea and adventure

Laura & Tony

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