Road trip countdown begins

I had our itinerary for Spain outlined. The hotels booked and flights monitored for deals on an iPhone app. Then I had an epiphany and approached Tony with the suggestion of a different trip this summer!

I have the opportunity to attend a conference for work in New Orleans in June. It occurred to me that this could be the perfect opportunity for a road trip! I could fly down to the conference and Tony could ride down to pick me up and make our leisurely way back to Toronto. It probably goes without saying but there wasn’t a lot of convincing that needed to be had. 

Spain can wait. I’m thrilled to be spending time on the back of Tigger and alternating with laying on the beach, visiting iconic southern locales, winding our way through mountains, then ending in Pittsburgh for a Kenny Chesney concert. Bring on summer!!

New Orleans Trip on Roadtrippers
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