The Preamble

The five days before a big trip are always the hardest for me to sit still. I tend to pace a lot and go find ‘things’. I like to clean too. Most of this behavior comes instinctively. These mental quirks are probably habitual to most motorcyclists much the same as shoulder checking. Making sure that everything is in its place and no major surprises in our blind spots.

Saturday morning I hope to have kickstand up at 6:30 and head towards Indiana. Connected with a friend from high school who offered a bed and barbeque. Laura flies down to New Orleans on Monday and I will see her on Wednesday ( or Thursday if the roads are winding ). 

The beginning of ‘Things’

In the meantime I need to focus on work and keep moving forward in each day. Try not to get too caught up in the excitement and anticipation that fuels the hamster wheel in my head.

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