I find that is takes a day or two before I can settle into a rhythm. When I left Toronto on Saturday morning the rain and thunderstorm passed through at 4 in the morning and by the time I brought the bike up at 6:30 the bad weather had passed. Kept the rain gear on but shed it by the time I gassed up in Tilbury. Passport and little bit of cash handy for the border crossing in Windsor/Detroit which was a quick ten minute process, not the hour I had planned.

The next time I stopped for gas it was 12:30 and I was well into Ohio and 2 hours ahead of schedule. I guess this is the point…that word schedule is a problem. I need that shift in perception and quit living in the future, even if it is measured in half days. When I do find that pace and start smelling the fresh cut grass or the chicken farm well before I can see the coops, then I am finally present.

Just outside of West Lafayette, IN
Had the good fortune of being invited to overnight in West Lafayette, Indiana last night. My hosts John and Lisa very graciously prepared a fantastic steak dinner. We ate on their back deck overlooking a pond full of bullfrogs. At dusk the night was capped off by flickering fireflies creating quite a show on the well manicured lawn. 

Today I found that pace as I made my way west towards St. Louis. I managed to stay on secondary highways for more than 6 hours. The last couple hours I got on the interstate and crossed the Mississippi and a new time zone. Rinsed the bugs and road grime off my gear and gave the bike a good scrub as well. Tomorrow I will meander my way down the river towards Memphis. Laura flies out to New Orleans tomorrow where we will connect later in the week!

Indiana heading west towards Illinois

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