Then it rained…

I crossed back over the Mississippi for the fourth time in the last three days. After spending the night in West Memphis (Arkansas) and having dinner last night in Memphis (Tennessee) at Gus’s World Famous Chicken. The goal for the day was to move down the river in the State of Mississippi. Follow the Mississippi Blues Trail from the Northern Delta to Vicksburg. 

Everything looked and felt great as I pulled off Interstate 55 onto Highway US 61 just south of Memphis. Half an hour later as Tunica came up on my right the cloud banks became thick and dark on the horizon. I pulled over on a side road and put away the sunnies, pulled on the rain jacket and pocketed the iPhone and wallet in my cut. 15 minutes later the rain began.

Over the last few years as Laura and I started riding together our bike and gear choices have become very comfortable. My point here is that with the new Sena 20S headsets, heated seats, heated grips and Aether Compass Pant riding in ugly conditions is not a problem.  

US 61 was moving a little too quick for me and I thought that I could find a little slower pace closer to the river. Found Mississippi Highway 1 and followed it patiently as the rain came and went over the next few hours. Corn fields and Historical Mounds became my travel companions as the traffic thinned out and the constant presence of the levee off to my right. 

Parking Lot in Vicksburg, MS

Singing away in my helmet I made the best of what mother nature threw at me. As I neared Vicksburg the storm peaked and water was bouncing off the highway. The motel staff had no problem checking me in a little early and we will get back the sunshine tomorrow.

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