New Adventures

Christmas cards took a back seat this year. Each new card we opened from family and friends was placed carefully on the sideboard in the entrance way to our home. We were both grateful and filled with a little guilt and shame. It was around December 17th that we both realized we were not going to be able to sit down with the two boxes of cards we bought in early November. We had fully intended to purposefully write to everyone on our list. Life got in the way and we resorted to the lazy social media method. A picture posted with a heartfelt message addressed the entire universe as we got ready to board an airplane for New York city on December 24th. This is our amends and we will try to do things differently next year. 

Bryant Park – New York

In reflection 2016 was another great year for us both. All aspects of our lives are growing and moving forward, sometimes changing with a little more pace than expected. Travel is always a large part of our experience and it is what we love to share. This blog is something that we seem to have neglected and become more passive. Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are much easier and less intentional than the blog. This once again, is something we must change as we gear up for another year of new adventures. 

New York at Christmas was very magical. Work had enveloped us both from September to mid-December and we had been looking forward to this trip with much anticipation. Walking the streets and exploring the lights and markets. Two very different dance experiences as we spent a dumbfounded afternoon enjoying the Alvin Ailey American Dance Group Christmas performance. The next night took us to the Rockettes Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall which covered every possible holiday theme in the two hours we squirmed in the lavish balcony seats. We took in the views from Top of the Rock and Empire State Building. Laura, in typical fashion, had researched and planned many gluten-free food stops. Jennifer’s Way Bakery, Colors NYC, Senza Gluten were checked off the list with Katz’s Deli rounding it out with their three meat platter. 

Early morning Christmas run up 5th Avenue, looping back around through Rockefeller Centre and Times Square.

Top of the Rock – New York

It felt like we had the entire city to ourselves for a few hours that morning. For our final holiday experience, we capped off our wonderful food explorations with a four hour, nine course lunch with our friend Martin hosting us at Per Se. My first Thomas Keller experience and Laura’s second. This was a very special afternoon before we flew home to enjoy the rest of the holidays in Toronto.

Dubai, San Miguel, Boston, Costa Rica, New York and an 8,000 kilometre motorcycle tour of the Southern United States marked the personal adventures we tackled in 2016. Laura added on Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary and Winnipeg for her business trips. 2017 is only a week old and we are monitoring flights to San Miguel and Ljubljana on Hopper. Three week motorcycle tour of the Alps with our Australian friends looks to be another for the highlight reel and another first for countries we are going to visit. New backpacks, helmets and an updated International Drivers Licence are all in the works. One day at a time. 

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