Tomorrow we head where?

To be completely honest when Ljubljana was mentioned last summer as the jumping off point for this trip the first thing we had to do was a Google search. Shamefully, we didn’t exactly know where we had tentatively agreed to meet our friends. That didn’t deter us from saying yes automatically. We were about halfway through a three-week ride in the southern United States last June when we started receiving text messages from Australia. Some of the touring group that we rode through Thailand with are heading to Europe and would we like to join?

SRT – Mess of Australians and two Canadians – Northern Thailand

We had the deposit paid to Adriatic Moto Tours within a week of returning from that trip last summer. Planning a year in advance is well beyond my modus operandi but fits in Laura’s wheelhouse. Not being able to plan this trip herself has been a new and a little unsettling experience for her. She is currently in production planning 2018 and 2019 road trips.

Anyways, that is the plan as we sit in the airport lounge at Pearson International Airport. Five couples, three weeks on various bikes heading south-west out of Slovenia. When we dip our feet in the Mediterranean in Nicé we will turn around and pick a different route back to Ljubljana. 

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