Early Start

Front Royal, Virginia

Laura met with our friend Mike a couple weeks ago while she was in Duncan. They arranged for her Dad’s Yamaha to get picked up. He and his grandsons will work on to get running and safe for her to ride in April. Andrew and I decided back in February to move our first ride of the season forward. We left March 30th and headed down some of our favourite areas before we plan on ending up in Tennessee and basecamp in Pigeon Forge. Feeling a little aggressive but we have been building our riding gear up for this type of travel. Giving us comfort and more flexibility in the shoulder seasons.

Dry Run Church, Shenandoah National Forest, VA
Left Toronto and it was 4 degrees and stayed that way until the middle of Pennsylvania. Dipping close to freezing as we climbed into the Algenhey National Forest. The descent in the sweeping highways of Virginia saw temperatures quickly rise into double digits and the sprigs of green we saw in Ontario and New York quickly turned much greener as we rolled into Front Royal, Virginia. Cherry blossoms and lawns being mowed moved us about three weeks forward from spring in Ontario. 

Blue Ridge Parkway, VA

Couple days riding down the Blue Ridge Parkway as we make our way towards a night in Roanoke and then onto Asheville. Other than some road maintenance on the parkway this has so far been a great time to get out. The temperatures have been perfect and traffic is limited. Easter weekend saw a few more bikes on the road the further south we wandered. Looking forward to our ride through the Smoky Mountains into Pigeon Forge today.

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