My favourite part of a vacation is the planning. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy the experience as I go but there is something so satisfying about the anticipation that comes with the research of locales and accommodation and determining the route to take or the airlines to use. Next year is providing us with a couple of trips for me to plan and obsess over and I’m in my element.

This more imminent trip is a cross-Canada trip to BC to visit family at the end of June. These road trips provide me less opportunity to plan because Tony takes on that responsibility and I literally get to go along for the ride. Toronto – Whistler is looking to take 7-9 days with visiting of family in Calgary and Prince George en-route. A couple of days with family in Whistler and over to the island for the rest of the trip. Tony will make the trip back on his own while I take a red-eye back to Toronto to get back to work – and carry forward some vacation for next year’s adventures!

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