Flying off into 2019

It feels as if we took a little personal travel hiatus through the last half of 2018. Laura spent a lot of time hopping between New York, Ottawa, Chicago, Minneapolis and Naples Florida for business while I held down the fort here in Toronto. Work filled up the majority of our fall and early winter agenda as we save and prepare our itineraries for the upcoming year.

Victoria, British Columbia – December 25, 2018 – Ross Bay

On December 24 we jumped on a West Jet flight for some family time in Victoria and Duncan over the holiday break. We had a wonderful visit which we hadn’t initially planned but decided upon last minute and it worked out beautifully.

We arrived back in Toronto on December 31st with a couple days to get our house in order before a short work week. The work week ended and we boarded a flight on Air Canada to New York for a Friday to Monday weekend date. This was a redo from August when we had a cancelled flight that shortened our trip to an overnight date rather than a weekend.

New York, New York

Friday we begin our family adventure to Africa. Planes, buses and a four-wheel drive is on the agenda for the next few weeks and we will have plenty of pictures (new Nikkor telephoto lens and GoPro) to share. – Peace – Laura & Tony

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