Changing Direction

Today feels like summer. Hot and humid with the buzz of motorcycle tailpipes ripping through the air. Laura picked up her new whip yesterday and I got to witness her silly grin for more than four hours. It has not been an easy spring though. Mother nature did not unleash this current state on us until last week. At best this has been a consistently cool spring that had enough rain to remind us both about West Coast winters when we were growing up. That being said, we had been planning a few variations of summer rides that touched on Europe and more recently to head to the East Coast of Canada. That all changed a couple weeks ago while Laura was FaceTiming with Sharon (Mom) on a Sunday morning. Somehow we started talking about our favourite sunscreen, which is only available in the Southern States, from there we abruptly changed direction. Stifling summer heat, unsweet tea and to visit our friends in Key West.

We are heading out on Friday afternoon and crossing the border as soon as Southern Ontario traffic permits.

Living large at the Holiday Inn Express in Olean, New York before setting our sights on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Work our way South through Asheville, Savannah, Melbourne, Miami and onto Key West! So after a few days in the Keys we will meander our way North. Laura has set her heart on seeing a Dierks Bentley outdoor concert in Raleigh, North Carolina on the way back, which is the only other objective so far. We are looking forward to writing and picturing our adventure with everyone….

4 thoughts on “Changing Direction

      1. After doing a couple of weeks doing an Eaglerider tour last year on the other side of the US / Canada we are keen to get back and do more riding on this side of the country and take in some of these roads. But I couldn’t do it on a Harley again – just not my sort of bike.


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