Road Home

Drove onto the 2:20 Anacortes ferry at 2:10! My arrival at the ferry was touch and go due to little bit slower speeds due to rain. Lots and lots of rain. I also missed the highway change in Bothell. Turned around in Redmond by the time I had realized that I had overshot the right, left, right interchanges. Yeah yeah I got lost. The highway system around Seattle is crazy.

Anyways, highway 2 through Stevens Pass was perfect given that the weather was suspect. I purposely choose a C & W playlist to keep my tempo and aggression level down. Willie Nelson and gentle sweeping curves for 60 miles was a good compliment. Kept the speed down around the 110 kms and hour range (yes I am flipping between kms and miles). I will figure out the sequence of buttons to move my digital read out on bike to read in miles per hour. Constant simple math to convert mileage is one less thing my little brain needs to do.
The rain wasn’t helpful for stopping and taking pictures. Low cloud and pouring rain were not the best conditions for stopping and snapping. The road leading to the pass had some nice turns and follows the Wenatchee River until you hit the four lane run through the pass. Stevens Pass Ski area is at the summit and then down hill to follow the Skykomish River into Munroe. I have found that following these rivers provide great scenery. Waterfalls, dams and parks provides lots to look at. Little unsettling with deer running along side you sometimes, but that keeps you alert too. Eagles and hawks have also been spotted along my travels as well.
I choose to run up the Whidbey Island route to Anacortes. The highway is actually number 20 East which is the highway I started this little trip. Drove onto the 20 minute ferry crossing at Mukilteo to Clinton to drive the scenic route to next ferry in Anacortes. This is really where I regret not having the time or weather to stop and take a few pictures. Coming out of the rain forest onto a bridge suspended over the ocean was incredible and a total surprise. Deception Pass Park and Bridge was amazing. The bridge links Whidbey Island to the mainland hundreds of feet above a narrow rocky passage ripping underneath. If I had only not missed the turn off at Bothell! Oh well such is life and I know its there to go back and see again. 
Had a great tester run with the Tiger. Couldn’t be more happy with the new bike. Panniers, heated vest and way too much power made the trip a good taste for more….

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