Things Can Change

I have decided to take a little more time to get ready in the mornings. This deliberate slow down became evident to me on my first morning. Pitch black and the moon still out at 7. I tested myself yesterday morning and puttered around before taking off just before 8.

Highway 101 winds up and down through places like Devils Churn and Cooks Chasm. Add sunshine and some mist rolling off the breaking waves. Strong smell of salt and a slight wet shimmer from last nights rain on the road. That was an incredible Sunday morning on Highway 101 South! I could not believe my luck. This is the last day in October? I started to temper my child like enthusiasm. I was projecting forward to what a fantastic day this was ‘going to be’ and needed to stay present.

After stopping for two poached eggs at a roadside diner in Reedsport, I made the mistake of fishing out my sunglasses from panniers. As a side note. The Oregon Ducks won their 8th straight and need 4 more wins for an undefeated season. Football was the topic in the diner and Saturday nights game against the Trojans.  I stopped an hour later for gas in Bandon and the rain started. I really didn’t  mind. My new bike handles extremely well and I am very comfortable in almost any weather. Throttle control and handling is an instant feel and I really do not have WTF moments.

The Oregon and California State line has an agriculture check point. Looks very much like a border guard station. I giggled to myself as I was waved through and the rain stopped at that moment. I was now on the Redwood Highway. The air smelled of warm cedar scent. The skies brightened and the road got twisty again. Very light traffic again and when you did come up on a car they pull out for you? Love that! It is a dramatic change of scenery. It is like riding through a perfectly hedged windy driveway. The only difference is that the hedge is 200 feet high and you can drive 70 miles an hour. Great ride into Arcata….

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