Border Towns and BBQ

I am not sure if it is the highways I am using or just a Texas anomaly. I have never seen more dead roadside animals than at any other time. Every day has at least fifteen. Mostly raccoons, but yesterday was another first. Wild Boar! I am assuming that it was a boar. It was a very cartoonish visual, which is why I bring it up. Even riding past, it was very distinctive. Round belly and dark coarse hair with a pointed snout. I fully expected Wile E. Coyote to be standing roadside with an over sized fork and knife. Handkerchief tied around his neck. It stuck with me all day and provided a good laugh.

Long ride down the border yesterday. Three highway checkpoints and more patrol trucks than vehicles on the road. Highway 90 East, 277 South and 83 South are all parallel to the border. Along side the road is a single lane dirt road that has white patrol trucks driving slowly up and down. The drivers heads are poking out of the window looking down at ground. Looking for tracks? I do not know but it was a common scene. The first few times I thought they had found something and after 70 miles I just took it as their method of inspection.

I rolled through Laredo in the afternoon. This is a border town like I have never seen before. Huge truckers villages, looping interchanges and bypasses hundreds of feet off the ground. Two very long strip malls divided by a line and both ending with huge flags of their respective countries. Hard left before Mexico and headed out towards the coast.

I arrived in Hebbronville fully charged. It was a very long day of riding but I passed through green fields, over the Pecos River and saw the emergence of palm trees. I was now on the Texas Tropical Trail as the highway sign read. Great motel room, washed and lubed bike, laundry and went to a real Texas BBQ joint for a pulled pork sandwich. Off to the Gulf Coast today and a new part of the journey…

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