Autumn Colors

Long ride, but it was very picturesque. The reds, oranges and green pine. Colors became more dramatic as I moved through Mississippi and Alabama. It kept the 400 miles of interstate travel interesting. Pulling off at rest stops along the route to stretch and snap a few pictures.

Sweet Home Alabama is the slogan on license plates. Auburn and Ride the Tide stickers are on every vehicle. Birmingham smoke stacks rise gently out the rolling hills and trees. This industrial center does not look like most factory cities. It is, as though the industry has given way to the landscape and the landscape is winning. I stopped for gas north east of the city. Poverty in this part of the area was an indicator that I might be in the wrong end of town.

As I moved into Tennessee the hills turned into mountains and the colors became more dramatic. I had decided to stop in Athens for the night. I must say that Tennessee is a very friendly state. People here are extremely talkative and conversations flow like the syrupy accents. In one night here I have exchanged more names and  web addresses than any other place in my travels.

My rear tyre is looking a little worse for wear. I am going to stay another night in Athens and see if I can get a new set tyres. I also noticed a little oil leaking under my drain plug. With some help back home and more inspection I realized that my oil filter was loose. Savage service goes above and beyond again!

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