What a difference….

Day trip to Akron

What a difference a couple years and the middle of August makes. The last time I traveled I-90 through New York and Pennsylvania it was the first week in April, 2011. I was living in Key West at the time and decided that is was time to head back to Canada and move to Toronto. I had left Key West at the most gorgeous time of year and by the time I entered the mountains of West Virginia it began to snow. The next three days of riding had to be the biggest test of my ability to stay present and focused on the road in front of me. Hour at a time. Only 50 miles at a time. Sloppy wet snow. Cold blowing winds. Me with blond sun bleached hair and a very dark tan. Doggedly making my way back to Canada. I really was questioning my motives by the time I got to Erie, PA and stopped for gas and to warm my hands on a cup of gas station coffee.

Yesterday I came around the corner on QEW Highway at Burlington and watched the sun tickle the diamond covered water of Lake Ontario. By 9 o’clock in the morning I was patiently waiting for a very nice officer to wave me through the border. Niagara was green and lush with grape vines and fresh cut grass. I passed the Welland Canal as freighter was being lifted several stories above the lake in full view of the next lock. Back in Erie, Pennsylvania I looked down from the escarpment onto a stunning vista of wineries and Lake Erie. This was not the same trip and I am very grateful that I decided to make this pilgrimage to Akron, Ohio.

I spent a wonderful afternoon in Akron visiting old friends and making new ones……

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