West Coast Home

I was blessed to have gone back to Vancouver and Victoria for 10 days. Vancouver for a beautiful wedding and visit with friends that I had not seen in a few years. It was a wonderful time and I was able to reconnect with relationships that are very important.

It was also time to reconnect with my little baby. Christopher allowed me to ride my Street Triple for the week as well. It was very generous of him and I am very grateful. It was also his wedding and made the weekend very special.

Wow! I had forgotten what riding a twitchy sports bike felt like. I was forced forward over the bars and had to crouch down over the tank. Get right down in corners. Wheel pops up on a whim. Fun, fun, fun! I had put a lot of accessories on the bike when I had her. The Arrow Three in One exhaust was so throaty and adds so much to the engine mapping. Made me giggle like a child when I opened her up, which I did many times.

The weather changed from soggy to brilliant over the weekend and just in time for golf, wedding and trip over to Victoria. The ride was stellar and spending time with family and friends was even better. I manage a few more rounds of golf and a great early morning ride up the Malahat with Justin on his new (to him) Ninja. It was a brilliant morning and great moment to spend with him.

I am overwhelmed that I got to spend such a wonderful time with my friends and family. It was a fantastic and busy. I miss everyone and will make every effort to stay better connected…..

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